WYZE Network Vision

Although the social media platforms are mainly used for social purposes, we at WYZE decided to create a WYZE NETWORK PLATFORM where we can utilise the different platform' strengths in very specific characteristics.
With this WYZE NETWORK PLATFORM we endevour to enable our network users to concentrate on education specific activities.
WYZE NETWORK therefore utilises the following network platforms connecting with specific activities.


Mr. Wyze

OBJECTIVE: Constant Educational updates by WYZE and fellow family network members.
OPPORTUNITY: We encourage you to broadcast your school's successes on this national platform.
OBJECTIVE: Immediate individual uppdates.
OPPORTUNITY: Keep your friends and family members updated with "as it is happening" flashes, i.e. Rugby scores, Social events, Academic successes and / or succès de scandale.
OBJECTIVE: To create external links.
OPPORTUNITY: Link our fellow family network members' websites, i. e your School's website, Academic website, on this national platform.
OBJECTIVE: A Financial and / or Business orientated network.
OPPORTUNITY: Young Entrepreneurs to test and share their visions. Integrated Financial packages for Start Ups will also be available.