Wyze Maths Gr. 5 Workbook + Teacher’s Memorandum

Meet Ryan and Kim, our WYZE personalities who will guide and empower you, the user of our Grade 5 Intermediate Phase workbook, to progress successfully on your Educational journey from Grade 5 - 7.


Mr. Wyze

Kim, does term 1 differ much from the other terms?
Ryan, in term 1 of the workbook, we will address all assessments as required by the "CAPS" Curriculum's teacher's guidelines, by way of explanations.

The purpose of term 2 is to support these explanations progressively with an increased number of exercises and operations.

In term 3 we investigate the required assessments with more progressive exercises and calculations. This is also illustrated with relevant examples and tips.

To revise all the compulsory assessments, term 4 continues with many more exercises and calculations to prepare the learner for the final exams. Therefore, term 4 will determine whether the learner has conquered the assessments required by the curriculum. We strongly advise the learners to review the explanations introduced in term 1 in order to master the FIVE LEARNING SKILLS as required.

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