Wyze English Gr. 7 Workbook + Teacher’s Memorandum

Meet Ryan and Kim, our WYZE personalities who will guide and empower you, the user of our Grade 7 Senior Phase workbook, to progress successfully on your Educational journey for Grade 7.


Mr. Wyze

Kim, how does this Workbook approach Language teaching?
Ryan, all the required Language skills are addressed per term according to the Curriculum "CAPS" teacher's guidelines.

The approaches to teaching language are text-based, communicative and process orientated. The text-based approach and the communicative approach are both dependent on the continuous use and production of texts.

The purpose of a text-based approach is to enable the learners to become competent, confident and critical readers, writers and viewers of texts.

It involves listening to, reading, viewing and analysing text to understand how they are produced and what the effects are.

Through this critical interaction, learners develop the ability to evaluate text in the English Language teaching of the WYZE Workbook according to the FOUR LEARNING SKILLS as required by the Curriculum("CAPS").

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