Do you know what the word Curriculum means?
Never heard of such a big word
Curriculum is the word used by the Education Department to prescribe guidelines of study for all the subjects, for instance Mathematics or English Language. The Curriculum therefore will empower you, grade by grade, for your future.

If this Curriculum is supposed to empower me, why are adults complaining about it?
This was also a concern to me. However the outcome of international research on our prescribed Curriculum indicated that our Curriculum is amongst the best. I can with confidence assure you that the current poor outcome of our education is not related to the prescribed Curriculum.

You used the word "outcome" - what does that mean?
Although the word outcome is a powerful word in today's life, it is also the most misunderstood word. Outcome exactly reveals what has been put in. In other words: if you had to study ten words and you can write down three words, the outcome reveals that the input of your study was equal to three words or 30%. Therefore, outcome is equal to what has been put in.

Does that mean if a school's pass rate is disappointing, the input was ineffective?
That is correct. However, I want you to understand that the outcome of your school year will be revealed by your input when you are assessed by your teachers.

What can I do to improve my outcome for this school year?
Our Education Department introduced a method to assist those who want to achieve. This is done by assessments given to master all the learning skills. In principle the learning skills on a subject, supported by the required assessments, indicates what you are suppose to achieve.

Where will I find the assessments for the learning skills?
You will find a complete assessment index in a WYZE Workbook. The WYZE Workbook covers the complete National Curriculum ("CAPS") assessment standards according to the required teacher's instructions per term. You can also find these requirements on the Education Department's website. Therefore, be WYZE, be an ACHIEVER and ORDER your WYZE Workbooks now.