“ANA” Annual National Assessment

The next Annual National Assessment (ANA) in literacy and numeracy will be conducted by the Department of Basic Education (DBE) in September. This standardised test will verify that every child in every school is developing the language and mathematics skills appropriate for the grade.
IMPORTANT:  It is of utmost importance that parents read all the following ANA information in order to equip them with vital educational knowledge regarding Educational and ANA requirements.


Mr. Wyze

What will be tested by ANA with regard to literacy and numeracy?
  • Literacy is the ability to read for knowledge, write logically, communicate verbally and think critically about printed material.
  • Numeracy is the ability to reason with numbers and mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction.
  • Literacy and numeracy are important building blocks to empower your marketability in the future.

What would the reason be for the Department to administer these tests?
Because of the current results of the South African learners, the Department needs to improve the skills of our learners in language and mathematics. To do that, the Department has set specific targets to be achieved. The ANA will be used to measure learners' progress and to establish the level they are performing at.

What will the use of ANA be?
It will be a tool to assess whether a learner needs extra help and to see to what extent the learners measure up to expectations.

Does ANA measure up to international standards?
ANA tests are set by competent subject experts and teachers who are selected and appointed by the Department of Education.

Will the ANA tests be applicable to all grades?
No. Only Grades 1 - 6 and 9 learners in public schools will write ANA, according to a nationally-set timetable.
In independent schools, ANA tests are compulsory for Grade 3 and Grade 6 learners.

Do you have any information on what we as learners will be tested on?
Learners will be tested on their knowlegde developed in earlier years and this year in numeracy skills and language according to the NCS curriculum (CAPS) requirements.
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Who will mark the tests and how can I prepare myself for the tests?
Marking of all ANA tests will be done by your teacher.
In order to assist you for ANA test preparations, WYZE Educational Publishers will shortly make a free selection of ANA tests available according to the Departmental examples.
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When will I know what my ANA results will be?
The results will be provided by a national report on learner performance. This will be done by December, according to the minister of Basic Education statement on ANA results.

Will my parents be informed of my results?
Your parents will be informed of your performance by your school who will send out an ANA report of your individual results and it will inform your parents of the areas of achievement and also the areas in which you will need to improve in your next grade.

Can my parents help me to prepare for the ANA?
Generally your parents can not assist you to prepare for the ANA tests. The reason being that they are unsure of the correct terminology and methods required by education for your grade. They can go to the "Empower parents" page in order to assist you according to the curriculum (CAPS) education requirements and the annual ANA tests.