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Do you know what the word Curriculum means?
Never heard of such a big word
Curriculum is the word used by the Education Department to prescribe guidelines of study for all the subjects, for instance Mathematics or English Language. The Curriculum therefore will empower you, grade by grade, for your future.

6 thoughts on “Discussions on “CAPS”

  1. Why, if it is empowering, are so many still failing?? What are the teachers teaching the learners? How effective is the curriculum?

  2. I would say that one of the reasons may be that the CAPS workload is to heavy and the teachers do not have enough time to focus on the basics…what happend to the good old basics?

  3. As a teacher,I find that like Craig Matthews said – the work load is high for kids and teachers – and a lot of time is spent on ‘wasted paper work’. I think this is a downfall of CAPS and unless the department revises it once again,there will not be a change in the results that learners achieve.

  4. It only puts a lot of stress on our children. My friends are also complaining about their children having to keep to a crazy schedule and workload just getting more and more! When should children be children??

  5. Ek gebruik die Wyze werkboeke in my klas en vind dat hulle nogal antwoord bied op al die vrae hierbo. Die werkboeke se definisies help my leerders om in hulle eie tyd Wiskunde baas te raak en help dan so bietjie om daai druk op hulle te verlig. Die werkboeke ondersteun my ouers wat nie altyd meer weet hoe om die leerders se vrae te antwoord nie en het selfs my gehelp met die oordrae van die moeiliker Wiskunde begrippe tydens klas.

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