Discussions on “ANA”

Does ANA measure up to international standards?
ANA tests are set by competent subject experts and teachers who are selected and appointed by the Department of Education.

3 thoughts on “Discussions on “ANA”

  1. We are 2nd last in the world with regards to our mathematics points… What experts are working on these ANA tests? And how is the teachers helping our children to be prepared?
    Thank you Wyze, your books assists us in understanding Mathematics like the teachers and the educational dept should actually explain it to our children!!

  2. To my knowledge the ANA papers are not error free. What can be done to improve the complacency of the subject experts?
    Even the department’s free supply of workbooks are not error free…

  3. Will we be sure that this will not end up in another Education Dept scandal? Will our children be prepared and ready for these ANA tests I hear about? I am trying my best to have my children prepared for this tests. Thank you Wyze. Your books helps a lot!

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