Wyze Academy

In order to unlock a Learner's full potential, the assistance of parents and facilitators is often essential.

Wyze Academy personnel create assessment and remedial programs for use by parents and facilitators, who are united in a network for additional mutual support and assistance.

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Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase focuses on fostering the development of the child.

It is in the Foundation Phase that the children become familiar with the formalities of the school and education system.

Grade 3 is the first bridging year from one phase to another. It is not only academicaly demanding, but also an exciting and uncertain transitional year for each child. It is in this year that your child is more formally introduced to the strict prescribed curriculum.

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Intermediate Phase

In the Intermediate phase learners no longer learn to read but rather read to learn.

It is the stage where the correct terminology, number vocabulary and concepts are developed.

Learners learn to receive data (listen), process it (think) and report their conclusions logically (communicate), practically applying the knowledge gained; they learn to investigate, analyse and interpret information.

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Senior Phase

In the senior phase learners consolidate everything they have learned and are introduced to new concepts.

Grade 7 provides a smooth transition from the Intermedate to the Senior Phase. The concepts that are learned become quite challenging and begin to have strong practical applications.

The learner develops competence and confidence to deal with challenging situations in the complex modern world.

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