Wyze Maths and English Educational Publishers

WYZE offers you an authoritative English Language and Maths workbook series that effectively contributes to a knowledge of curriculum-correct terminology per grade, with the essential progression required for Gr 3 – 7 as per the Curriculum “CAPS” educational requirement. Therefore:

  1. Our workbook series for Grade 3 – 7 embraces the Curriculum “CAPS”  in its entirety with educationally and terminologically correct definitions for all assessments.
  2. The educationally correct assessment explanations, definitions and mathematical tips empower you to master Maths and to promote the improvement of your English Language skills according to the correct educational terminology.
  3. This Wyze workbook series is widely accepted by educational institutions for its additional educational value as a learner’s friendly supplement to the prescribed teachers’ guides.
  4. The price (click “ORDER NOW”) for the Wyze workbook is considered by parents as insignificant considering its contribution to formal education.