Wyze Wiskunde Gr. 5 Werkboek

Meet Ryan and Kim, our WYZE personalities who will guide and empower you, the user of our Grade 5 Intermediate Phase workbook, to progress successfully on your Educational journey from Grade 5 - 7.


Mr. Wyze

Kim, does term 1 differ much from the other terms?
Ryan, in term 1 of the workbook, we will address all assessments as required by the "CAPS" Curriculum's teacher's guidelines, by way of explanations.

The purpose of term 2 is to support these explanations progressively with an increased number of exercises and operations.

In term 3 we investigate the required assessments with more progressive exercises and calculations. This is also illustrated with relevant examples and tips.

To revise all the compulsory assessments, term 4 continues with many more exercises and calculations to prepare the learner for the final exams. Therefore, term 4 will determine whether the learner has conquered the assessments required by the curriculum. We strongly advise the learners to review the explanations introduced in term 1 in order to master the FIVE LEARNING SKILLS as required.

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One thought on “Wyze Wiskunde Gr. 5 Werkboek

  1. Ek gee skool by ‘n klein skooltjie in die Noord Kaap. Dit bly altyd ‘n uitdaging om op hoogte van die nuutste informasie en hulpmiddels aangaande Wiskunde te bly. Die Wyze werkboeke is so geskryf dat ek met gemoeds rus kan weet wanneer ons deur hulle gewerk het, dat my leerders aan die einde van die jaar toegerus is met alle nodige kennis.

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