Empower parents

Although the media and the education department and schools and educators endlessly advocate that parents should assist the educational institutions with the education of their children (learners), this is generally not possible.
Parents can not assist learners to prepare for the ANA tests and/or with common homework. The reason being that they are unsure of the correct terminology and methods required by the national NCS ("CAPS") curriculum established by the department of education.


Mr. Wyze

In order for a parent to understand what his child's (learner's) literacy and numeracy abilities should be, it is firstly necessary to know and understand the requirements of the NCS curriculum ("CAPS"). Secondly, to know the mandatory learning skills for the subjects as well as the essential assessments linked to the learning skills for their grade.

National research demonstrates that parents generally confess that they can not assist their children with their homework, although they know the answers. The research reveals that although parents know the answer, they are uncertain if their input is according to the educational requirements and methods. Despite the fact that numerous text and workbooks are available, none of them assist the parent in this predicament. For instance: THE ANNUAL NATIONAL ASSESSMENT 2013 document states the following on their question "How can parents help their children prepare for the ANA?"

  • "Schools have been provided with examples of the kinds of questions that will be in the ANA tests (exemplars). They can also be found at www.education.gov.za. Go through them with your child and discuss the possible answers to questions."

    The above statement requires the following:
    • Photostats of ANA tests must be made by the schools for the learners and their parents.
    • The suggestion is that the parent must go through this test and discuss possible answers to the questions, while in fact neither the learner nor the parent is adequately equipped. To discuss possible answers could lead to possible inaccurate knowledge.

  • "Use your child's workbook. Ask your child to tell you what the exercises in the workbook are about and ask her/him to explain to you why she/he would give certain answers to the questions presented in the workbook."

    The above statement promotes the following:
    • That the workbook available to your child will put him/her in a position to explain to you what the exercises are about, implicating that he/she as a learner already understand the work in order to explain to you and give you reasons for the answers to the questions presented in the workbook without you knowing if the explanation is educationally correct for the grade.
    • As only text books are now made available with minimum explanations of any of the learning skills and their assessments, but only exercises to be done, it leaves you, the parent again in a predicament.

  • "Get involved with your child's homework. Check whether the work the teacher gave as homework is indeed completed before school the next day."
    • As much as we know that parents wish to assist their children to become upstanding and capable individuals, we also know that with current lifestyles, it is often difficult to do just that. What they need is competent, efficient assistance. WYZE Workbooks, developed according to the curriculum NCS (CAPS), learning skills and assessment requirements, based on the prescribed teacher's year plan, are the only educational assistance to support you at home according to the educational definitions and terminology for every grade.

For requirements regarding numeracy and literacy learning skills and assessments essential for each grade, click "ORDER NOW", select your workbook and see how the Wyze Workbook will assist you, the parent, to make the learner an achiever. Also take time to browse through the WYZE website for further educational information.

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