Discussions on “ANA”

What would the reason be for the Department to administer these tests?
Because of the current results of the South African learners, the Department needs to improve the skills of our learners in language and mathematics. To do that, the Department has set specific targets to be achieved. The ANA will be used to measure learners' progress and to establish the level they are performing at.

3 thoughts on “Discussions on “ANA”

  1. Also to improve the different schools’ standards and to get all the Public schools on the same standard. Thus, should a child change schools, the academical impact on the child will be minimized.

  2. Over and above the why, are we sure that these are the real results? Will it not (again) be manipulated? So that the Educational Dept looks good? Are the not setting up a front and window dressing?

  3. The idea of the DoBE is good, but is of no use to test the learner skills if the all the schools are not prepared for the tests. For e.g. if learners know their work, but the questions are asked in unfamiliar ways, the results will be unjustifiably poor.

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