Discussions on “ANA”

What will be tested by ANA with regard to literacy and numeracy?
  • Literacy is the ability to read for knowledge, write logically, communicate verbally and think critically about printed material.
  • Numeracy is the ability to reason with numbers and mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction.
  • Literacy and numeracy are important building blocks to empower your marketability in the future.

3 thoughts on “Discussions on “ANA”

  1. if it wasn’t for the Wyze books, I would not have slept because of the stress (on behalf of my children) about this ANA tests and for that reason, all other tests…

  2. I found that the WYZE workbooks conform 100% to the CAPS curriculum and therefore will definitely prepare learners in their preparation for ANA tests.

  3. The only way for me as teacher to know if I am successful in my classroom is when I receive my ANA’s scores..Thank you Wyze for helping us prepare.

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